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>> the judge in the casey anthony trail just now calling it quits after a day of curse words, accusations and a harsh scolding from the bench. we have the late breaking events live from orlando. i'm gregg jarrett in for harris falkner and this is the fox report. the casey anthony trial coming down to this. >> she had to choose between sacrificing two things. the first was her dreams and the life she wanted and the second was her child. and we submit to you the evidence in this case shows that the choice she made was her child. >> i'm not proud of the way casey behaved. i don't think anybody here can
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justify her actions, but they do not constitute murder. >> the closing arguments before the jury decides the fate of the mother charged with murdering her own child. >> plus, just what we didn' need, a pipeline break, stealing tens of thoands of gallons of crude oil and now, threatening to reach the raging flood swollen missouri river. and you have to see it to believe it a much different show of force involving the u.s. air force. the herculean effort and what's behind it just ahead. a case the nation wched unfold finally close to the end. a story of a little two-year-old girl first believed to be missing and then found dead and her mother charged with her murder, facing the death penalty if
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found guilty. and casey anthony's fate will be squarely in the hands of the jury tomorrow morning and attorneys from both sides making their closing arguments today, each of them speaking well over an hour, leaving the jury with these final thoughts. >> she died because she could not breathe. she died because she had three pieces of duct tape over her nose and mouth and she died because her mother decided that the life that she wanted was more important. this murder was premeditated and the defendant is guilty. just look at what they have and what they don't have. if all the fantasy forensics in the world don't make it so. all of the lies that you've had to swim through, don't get you any closer to the truth. >> harris: phil keating is live in orlando, florida just outside the courthouse and phil, tell us more of what happened. >> gregg, after six long weeks
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living and breathing the casey anthony murder trial shall the jury from clearwater, florida, a hundred miles away has been living sequestered here and tomorrow, right around noon time, i expect, they will finally begin deliberating the future of casey anthony and specifically and most importantly, that first degree murder charge. prosecutors presenting emphasis on the evidence today. evidence of premeditated murder, while casey anthony's attorney focused on the lack of evidence. the 25-year-old defendant, casey anthony, wept several times throughout the day over there at the defense table, especially when crime scene photos of caly's skull were shown in the courtroom. her attorney jose baez spend nearly four hours, hitting 0 and theme, this case is where doubt lives. he used a board to point out ten people who did not smell death around casey's car and no dna or fingerprints on the
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duct tape, in caylee's hair and the accidental drowning theory and aggressively villainized casey's father george, and tying him to the duct tape and the accident that snowballed out of control. if this man doesn't have an ounce of paternal instinct in him. not an ounce. where he got up here on numerous occasions and almost with a bit of sdwroi, testified against his very own daughter. i don't know a father in the world who wouldn't fall on the sword for his child. >> reporter: the morning began with the prosecution's first part of the closing argument and they'll finish that tomorrow where the tender videotape of the victim caylee playing with her then 21ear-old mom and within the year, prosecutor's say that casey anthony turned killer, when partying and clubbing and being free became her priority.
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>> as hard as it is to accept, when casey anthony was at blockbuster on june 16th, walking arm in arm with her boyfriend tony, caylee was in the trunk of her car in the early stages of decomposition. >> reporter: jose baez really repeatedly using the theme of an accident that snowballed out of control. really stressing the accidental drowning theory and he told this jury, look, my client, casey anthony, she was a liar, she did not act in a morally right way. she did not call police about the accident drowning of her daughter, but a liar does not make her a murderer and referring to the evidence that the fbi crime lab in quantico, virginia, can never come up with this this case. jose baez put out the
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rhetorical question. is my client dumb enough to leave her daughter 20 feet from the road and smart enough to outwitt the best crime lab in the conduct and they'll hear the final closing arguments tomorrow. >> gregg: we'll talk with a judge what parts of the closing arguments may have been the most convincing and special special prime time coverage of the trial with judge janine followed at 9 p.m. with a special, geraldo two hours, with geraldo at large. a killing in philadelphia, where two people are dead, three more critically wounded, a two-year-old boy. his mother shot in the head and she's in critical condition. and douglas, 35 miles from philadelphia and police do not have a shooter and those
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wounded have not been able to talk to police. assessin the damage of a ruptured pipeline that spewed tens of thousands of gallons of oil into a famous montana waterway. the exxon pipeline were billing in central parts of the state and estimated 1,000 barrels or 42,000 gallons, spilling saturday before the flow of oil from the damaged pipeline, aen not clear yet how far the plume may travel. the yellowone is running at flood stage at the moment and no dams to where it joins the swollen missouri river across the border in north dakota. a representative with the environmental protection agency saying that only a small fraction of the spilled oil is likely to be recovered. no word yet on what caused that break. plus, big developments in the most urgent debate in washington, raising the u.s. debt ceiling. according to the u.s. treasury, time is quickly running out. if congress does not pass a bill to raise the nation's
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borrowing limit the united states will run out of money by august 2nd and possibly for the very first time in u.s. history, begin defaulting on loans. weeks of negotiations have failed to produce a deal and democrats want new taxes. while republicans oppose tax hikes, they want major spending cuts. yesterday, in his weekly address, president obama said everything has to be on the table, and today, republican lawmakers showed some willingness to accept a flurry of proposals, including eliminating some tax breaks. >> do we believe the tax reform is yes? i would say absolutely. there's not enough team to get this done between now and august the 2nd, but it ought to be the first thing we try to turn to to make our tax code more rationalnd eliminate tax expenditures and loopholes and actually make our nation more competitive internationally. >> how much closer to new developments does this bring us? steve centanni is live in washington. steve? >> well, gregg, with the clock
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ticking the bickering continues and no deals yet been reached, there is the possibility of a temporary agreement and there's a debate over what the 14th amendment says about the public debt. treasury secretary timothy geithner invoked the amendment apparently trying to cast doubt on the legality of a debt limit and the validity of the public debt should not be questioned. here is texas concern john coryn. >> that the president not to do his job and the president has the authority to basically do this by himself. we ought to sit down and work together. >> reporter: now, meantime, there's talk of reaching a mini deal, one with a limited life span. former president bill clinton said last night in aspen, i hope they will make a mini deal. and there are some spending cuts they agree on it and president obama can take those and get an extension of the debt ceiling for six or eight
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months. now, senator coryn didn't dismiss the idea of a mini deal, saying all it does is delay the moment of truth. senator john mccain discounted the president's call for tax loophol loopholes. >> if we get the smal things you're talking about, they would have small impact, but the principle of not raising taxes is something we campaigned on last november. >> and he says that voters send a message they want spending cuts with no new taxes and don't want compromise. >> steve centanni, thanks. straight ahead, a new face in the presidential race nor 2012. find out why a congressman from michigan thinks he's the one who can beat president obama. plus, vice-president joe biden looking for support from one of the country's largest teachers unions. and while he was there, he took a shot at the g.o.p. we'll tell you what he said.
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. >> a potential game changer in the 2012 race for the white house. michigan congressman thaddeus mccotter throwing his hat into the ring, announcing his candidacy to become the next president of the united states. now, we're taking a closer look at the little known lawmaker who may have an em pact on presidential politics. peter doocy is in washington with more. >> reporter: congressman thdeus mccotter was not anybody's first choice for president in the latest fox opinion poll and it wasn't anybody's second choice. but that may change now that the 45-year-old from michigan
7:15 pm
announced he would be in the race. >> with the support for you and support of anybody who is bee night the banner of the republican party i look forward to working with you to ensure that once more, through the unfathomable grace of god and the virtue of you, her free people, our free republic will again be a virtues, prosperous, compassionate, inspiration. >> mccotter is serving in his a 5th term in the u.s. congress and while he's not legislating, he's shredding like he did, he's in a bipartisan band called the second amendment. you know want to know what else he's about, home page, five core principles, one, our liberty is from god, not the government. two, our sovereignty is in our souls, not the soil. three, our security is from strength, not surrender, four, our prosperity is from the private sector, know not the public sector and five, our
7:16 pm
troops are self-evident, not relative. mccotter has got a wife and three kids they all live in his hometown, livonia michigan and hoping to move here to washington in january 2013. >> gregg: peter doocy, thank you. now a look at other g.o.p. presidential candidates hitting the campaign trail today. businessman and former ceo of godfather's pizza herman cain in theritical early state of iowa posting a meet and greet at where else, the godfather's pizza. this weehe finished third in the des moines register poll of likely iowa caucus goers. and also in iowa, minnesota congresswoman michele bachmann at grace church outside des moines, ranked second in the same des moines register poll. and vice-president joe biden picking a new fight with republicans today. he was in chicago, courting one of the largest teacher's unions in the country and he managed to take a pretty serious shot at the g.o.p., along the wayment take a listen.
7:17 pm
>> this new republican party, and i emphasize, this new republican party, has a different philosophy. this is not your father's republican party. this is a different breed of cat. they're decent people, but they have a fundamentally different view, a fundamentally different view, than even the previous republican party had, let alone othe. i don't think, i think the crux of this is they really don't believe in public education as we do. >> gregg: that speech at the national education association and includes 3.2 million members nationwide. a dramatic plane crash tohow you and a rescue caught on tape by an amateur cameraman, we're going to show you what happened when this bird wouldn't fly. plus, here is a new idea to stir up support for veterans of the armed forces. some lady striking a pose, my,
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>> new amateur videotape of a dramatic hydroplane crash with two people on board. look at this, footage captured in richardson bay off sauce lita, california and witnesses say the pilot gunned the engine, hit a boat's wake and dove into the water and listen to the man that shot the video. >> it seemed like they were doing, trying to have fun and didn't look like they were trying to get airborne or fly, they were cruising around in a boat plane which you don't see
7:22 pm
every day. >> the 75-year-old pilot and his passenger made it out safely, the coast guard investigating the incident and trying to determine whether the now sunken plane is a pollution hazard. looking ahead to the final flight in nasa's three decade old face program. this week the atlantis scheduled to blast off. the crew three men and one woman, to sock the national space station, after this flight they'll have to look to other countries and private companies to keep the space station in operation. david lee miller is live in the new york city news room with more. >> this is the end of an era. next friday morning at 11:26, the space shuttle atlantis is scheduled to take off what would be the final flight of the 30 year shuttle program and collectively flew 537,114,000 miles.
7:23 pm
and as you mens three men and one woman and supposed to be part of a rescue team if the endeavor was damaged during flight and atlantis was to have been sent to a museum, but nasa officials had a change of plan and decided the program would have one more flight to bring food and supplies to the international space station, but if there is had a serious problem, nasa will rely on the soyuz to bring the astronauts back home. atlantis commander says that friday's planned mission is bittersweet. >> we tend to treat these vehicles as though they're a little part of us. to see them go away is a little like you're mourning a friend and they've been can you feel to us, an enormous amount of history to look bac upon and when it's said and done i think we'll look back athe shuttle program and say it's a tremendous success. >> the shuttle program was carried into space, more people than any other fleet. 355 people from the 16
7:24 pm
countries, including among them, a saudi arabia prince, but there were costs, in addition to a total of more than a billion dollars per flight, two shuttling, the columbia and the challenger were lost, 14 lives. and the time space shuttle mission, the crew of the atlantis says they would like this to be a celebration and if all goes as planned the final landing will take place on july 20th. that date 42 years ago was the same date that astronaut neil armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon. gregg? >> all right, david lee miller, thanks very much. well, the fate of a woman accused of murdering her little grl will soon be decided if found guilty of murder. casey anthony could be put to death. closing arguments are completed for the day. they'll resume tomorrow morning and a look at what the jury will begin to weigh, just after the closing tomorrow morning, judge alex ferrare joins us next.
7:25 pm
and a strike turns violent, protesters getting into street battles with police. where happened and the connection to the united states. and a remarkable show of strength, yes, that's airplane pulled by one man, how far he took it and why coming up. verizon claims its 4lt is twice afast as at&t.
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>> this is the fox report. bottom of the hour, time for
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top of the news. a young mother accused of murdering her own little girl now waiting for a jury to decide her fate. casey anthony facing the death penalty if found guilty of murder, prosecutors say she suffocated her two-year-old daughter caylee with duct tape back in 2008. the defense claiming it was all a terrible accidental drowning. attorneys from both sides making their closing arguments earlier today. and prosecutor jeff ashton. >> the evidence in this case. beyond a reasonable doubt. that casey anthony decided on june 16th that something had to be sacrificed. that the conflict between the life that she wanted and the life that was thrust upon her was simply irreconcilable and something had to give. >> she chose to sacrifice her
7:30 pm
child to live the life that she wanted. >> defense attorney jose baez saying that she lied, but did not commit murder. >> she made some stupid decisions, but let's make her pay with her life, that's what the case is about, an accident that snowballed out of control. it's out of control right now and it has been out of control since the moment this trial began and since the moment the case began. it's out of control. >> and judge alex ferrare, host of judge alex joins us live outside the courthouse and prosecutors as i understand it tomorrow morning will have one last shot at rebuttal, closing argument, but how did the lawyers do today? >> i think they did very well. i think actually, ashton, i thought, was fantastic in his closing argument. baez was much better than in
7:31 pm
the evidentiary portion of the trial. it's not a matter of who des better, the prosecutor has a burden and the burden is beyond a reasonable doubt. all baez has to do is convince one juror beyond a reasonable doubt. and i think the prosecution is is-- and the last thing before you deliberate and that gives prosecutors a bit of an advantage. the left-hand side of the screen i'm looking at it now, the jury is gun and the lawyers are there and show is the judge, quickly, what's happening? >> what's happening, the george conference and the instructions they're going to give the jury and either side wants made the judge will rule on them and the rebuttal is done and the judge is going into the instructions on the law and into the deliberationsments i want to show our viewers near clip from the trial because it conjured of visions of lewis
7:32 pm
carol, alice in wonderland down the rabbit hole. >> take a listen. a trip down the rabbit hole a bizarre world, where men who love their granddaughters, find them drown and do nothing. where men who love their granddaughters take an accident, a completely innocent act, and make it look like a murder for no reason. a world where a man who buries his pet will take the grand daughter, who was the love of his life, and throw her in a swamp. this is the world that the defense invites you to occupy. >> well, of course, down the rabbit hole in lewis carol's assist makes no sense. everything is backwards and nothing is right and it's all fantasy and that prompted the defense attorney who employ the same argument, listen to this. >> this is the level of
7:33 pm
absurdity, the desperation that this case, that this prosecution will take it to. they'll take it to the next level. they'll ask you to see things that aren't there. and they'll ask you to imagine fictional science. it's a fantasy of forensics is what it is. >> a forensic fantasy. >> a lot of fantasy's judge. what did you think of that? >> i actually liked it a lot. i think that ashton won that battle. if you remember, gregg, thats with a the argument i've been making all along. nobody is going to believe george anthony, the grandfatr and ex-cop, is going to throw out the body of his granddaughter knowing it's an accident and stand by and watch his daughter go to trial for first degree murder, ashton made it better than would have done. >> premeditated, first degree
7:34 pm
murder, would have been death penalty or life. and manslaughter, 30 years. aggravated child abuse 15 years. and lying to law enforcement. four counts, one years each. is it possible a lesser included second degree depraved mind could be added to this to give the jurors another choice? and if it's requested it must be given. >> judge in some jurisdictions it's only a choice, you've got to pick one, for murder or manslaughter, and that florida here, they can select all of them? >> they can. the jury can find them as currently charged, the jury can find the defendant guilty of everything, however, the judge cannot convict the
7:35 pm
defendant and sentence the gweneth on a manslaughter count and across the board, the judge can set aside the finding of guilt as to the aggravated manslaughter and convict her on the first degree murder. gregg: i want to show one more clip. jose baez is attempting to create reasonable doubt and here you're going to see him suggest what the prosecution managed to do is just sort of trash the defendant. take a listen. >> they gave you two weeks of testimony that was completely irrelevant and served only one purpose and that was to paint casey anthony as a slut, as a party girl, as a girl who lies, ap has absolutely nothing to do-- >> and is that back forward on the defense highlighted or underscored, and accused. ? >> i think there were a couple
7:36 pm
of times in closing arguments, would have reported with her imagery friend as well and talked about just reinforcing them in the jury's mind, all of the stories and lies. so i agree with you on that and the other thing, baez had a good closing argument, but no means accurate. if you have a doubt, that's reasonable doubt and absolutely untrue, reasonable doubt as to the he will. of the-- is she dead. killed by the criminal agency of another. is casey the one who killed her. as far as where she died and how she died you can have doubts about that, that does not go to the conviction and we expect that hear that the rebuttal. >> and how much of an advantage is prosecution's last words. >> it's the sandwich are the ening argument, the closing arguments and the fact that they broke for the night some might say that the jury thinks about what the defense said. tomorrow when they're fresh,
7:37 pm
and they're not tired and that prosecution had all night to zero in on the report they want to make, they want to hear the last word and the last word is driving tit home. >> gregg: and a few extra hours and a rested jury. judge alex ferrare, thanks so much. >> always a pleasure. >> gregg: we have special prime time coverage, tune in for justice with judge janine and a special two hour geraldo at large with geraldo rivera. fox news and are the best sources for the coverage of the casey anthony murder trial. a really strong man pulls a plane and it's summer on the ski slopes. two stops as we go across america. . >> arizona, a father and son are rescued after a hiking mishap. alan and his son jacob were on
7:38 pm
a buro trail near tucson when the 100 degrees temperatures got the best of them. >> it was fun at first and then started losing our sense of direction and we lost it, we only had a bottle of water left. >> another hiker spotted the y and called the authorities, rescue crews taking two hours to reach the father and son, before they were brought to safety. michigan, one man teaming up with the u.s. air force, to accomplish quite a feat of strength. strongman mark kirsch pulling the 150,000 plan 80 feet. the stunt making him the first individual to pull an aircraft ofets kind. he says he wants to encourage others. >> just to accomplish your goals. it's possible you can do anything. might not be able to pull a plane, but you can eat healthy, be healthy, positive. >> the strongman plans on dedicating more pulls like this one to members of our
7:39 pm
country's armed forces for months to come. nevada, a pretty picture in las vegas, women taking part in a fundraiser for military veterans, pinups for patriots. for a minimum of $99 the women get to dress up and pose as models, receiving hair and makeup before the professional photo session. >> a lot of them are doing it for husbands or boyfriends, a lot of them are active duty, people coming in and having their pictures to support the cause. >> it's a great way to help them and do something fun for us. >> proceeds will go to services that help homeless and at risk veterans. >> washington, for many people, 4th of july weekend means beaches and barbecues. but for some folks in the evergreen state, it's mountains and moguls. >> it's a little bit surreal, but it's exciting. people are having fun and the weather is great and the snow is nice and soft so there's no complaints. >> skiers and snow boarders hitting the slopes at crystal
7:40 pm
mountain and the report has seen record snowfall this season allowing the chairlifts to run well into the summer. >> there will be a backup on monday, 4th of july. and getting tan, too, and the snow is awesome. >> gregg: that's a fox watch across america. a demonstration turning violent over a railway project. how a proposed route connecting two countries and causing a clash between pole and protesters. and u.s. troops overseas celebrating our nation's independence. we're going to tell you where they are and where they're getting an early start to the 4th of july. . >> hello i'm lieutenant sunguard at camp leatherneck, afghanistan and say happy 4th of july especially to my grandfather elmer swenson and go twins! . but with advair, i'm breathing better so now i can take the lead on a science adventure. advair is clinically proven
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almost ne, but hang on... her doctor recommended aleve cause it can relieve pain all day with just two pills. this is lisa... who switched to aleve and fewer pills for a day free of pain. and get the all day pain relief oaleve in liquid gels. >> a boost from libya's rebels, recognizing the rebels as the country's legitimate
7:44 pm
representatives and promising 2 billion dollars in aid and some say muammar gaddafi can stay in the country as long as he gives us all power and resisting calls for him to step down, viowing to fight until the end. and leyla vit tert. we went to the front lines 35 miles from where i'm standing right now. and the rebels do have a little more military discipline and when this thing originally started, they're able to hold defensive positions so the town of ms. rata, while under siege is safe. what they don't have the ability to push forward and the battlefield has definitely taken on an eerie feeling. >> a far cry from the sounds of church bells calling the faithf on sunday morning. heavy rocket fire shook the air near one of libya's christian churches, from the
7:45 pm
front line, the church still stands, hardly touched. and save a few broken pains of class that turned the war into a ghost town. >> and the crowd and battle weary fighters remain confident despite heavy slotses and fight in flip-flops with light weapons against gaddafi forces. the 60-year-old former politician says that god will help them forward. and you're looking at the lead elements from the western front from where i'm standing now and the rebels have been firing rockets all day and unable to advance, what they need is heavy weapons, air dropped from n.a.t.o. or brought by sea so they can continue towards tripoli. that's some 100 miles away, an awfully long trip made easier if any fce made for the nearby church will help the rebel fighters. >> the real issue going here forward is will the rebels get the kind of military hardware
7:46 pm
they need to make those pushes forward. not only do they need things like heavy artillery and tanks, but the training to use them and willingness to accept at that training from possibly the western world. greg, back to you. >> leland vittert streaming live. bangladesh, and troops overseas celebrating our independence as we go around the world in 80 seconds. bangladesh, a strike in the capital city turns violent between protesters and police. the tension over a government contract with u.s. energy giant conoco phillips. the deal allows for natural gas exploration in the bay of bengal. officials say the project is necessary, but critics claimants that the deal exploits natural resources. italy, clashes over a new construction site for a proposed rail line to friends.
7:47 pm
and police using tear gas to disperse protesters from the scene and dozens were injured. thailand, the landslide victory for the sister of exiled prime minister shinwa. the businessman has never held office, but she is now the country's first female pm. her brother ousted in a military coup in 2006, he calls his sister his clone. and the question is whether they'll accept the results. kyrgyzstan, soldiers grilling dogs for july 4th and serves as a transit center for forces fighting in afghanistan. and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> well, it's a scene that plays out across the country and our brave servicemen and
7:48 pm
wm returning from war and we'll show one marine's story as he makes his way home. ♪ [ male announcer ] what is the future of fuel? the debate is over. ♪ lexus hybrid drive technogy is designed to optimize any fuel source on the planet. even those we don't use yet. because when you pursue perfection, you don just engineer a future-proof hybrid system. you engineer amazing. ♪ the motorola expert from sprint. its powerful tools help you work faster and smarter so you can get back to playing "angry birds." it lets you access business forms on the go,
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>> it's a familiar scene that plays out across america, happy homecoming this 4th of july weekend. here is one marine's story back after serving in afghanistan. mike has the story. >> reporter: an escort for a u.s. marine. lance corporal riley walter, his home town packed with family andriends, in the driveway, a happened shake and
7:52 pm
hug from dad. >> probably the proudest guy in town right now. >> a long awaited kiss from his high school sweetheart. >> it was one of the greatest feelings, you know, just being home and i'm glad to be home. lance corporal riley walter comes home on a weekend when the nation is ready to celebrate the red, white and blue and this young man knows even more now the importance of independence day. >> my experience has definitely changed and makes me so much more proud and i love serving this country and our great nation and we're doing great things over there. >> patriot guard escorted, he's a veteran himself with aen son of his own in the service. >> we need to celebrate more as far as old glory, red, white and blue. god bless earthquake mesh. you're here in the land of the free because of the brave. >> lance corporal walter
7:53 pm
served 2nd battalion sniper platoon and his mother mary walter on her son's return this holiday weekend. >> it means so much to me now and proud of him and the country, i'm just proud, so overwhelmed right now. the emotions. there's no doubt in my mind they've raised me as good as possible. >> words from a proud son and a u.s. marine home to celebrate his nation's independence. >> what a great story. that was mike deback of our affiliate. a murder case that gripped the nation, both sides getting personal and a sharp rebuke from the judge. it's our fox top story. naturals from purina cat chow. delicious, real ingredients with no artificial flavors or preservatives.
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7:57 pm
. >> judge janine: the world has a new tennis champ, joke vich over nadel. and the win securing his top spot on the men's tennis rankings, djokovic, saying it's the greatest day of his life. plans for barbecues and fireworks shows and depends on the weather, maria molina is checking it out in the fox weather center. how is t forecast for the 4th? >> well, for the northeast, mid atlantic, pretty good. we did have some storms today. showers around, also, and is those have pushed out or beginning to do so in some areas and should be holding well for tomorrow and as well as more sunshine. the pacific northwest looking good tomorrow. 70's and 80's in spots and
7:58 pm
sunshine, it's an area that can go either one way or the other. and aside from that, gregg, the big story is the heat. four corners region, extreme heat out there with highs in the 90's and triple digit heat across phoenix and even as we head eastbound across the plains and the southeast and factor in, you'll have showers and stormses kroo the four corners and portions of the southeast, including the city of atlanta, georgia and v watch out for the precipitation there. i've never been one to stay indoors, if there are showers and storms, i'm going to have to barbecue. >> gregg: nothing deters you. >> no. >> gregg: maria molina, thank you very much. recapping our top story, a mother accused of murdering her two-year-old daughter will soon learn her fate. the casey anthony murder trial and jury deliberations expected to begin tomorrow following the prosecution's rebuttal argument. now, if found guilty of murder, 25-year-old anthony
7:59 pm
could be sentenced to death. and on this day in 1863, the battle of gettysburg came to an end. in an attempt to break the strong union lines, robert e. lee faced off on the battlefield against general mead and his men. after three days of fighting each side suffered thousands of casualties, but the union would prevail in victory and lee and his army retreated never to invade the war again and the civil war would go on for another two years, but its turning point began 138 years ago today. now you know the news as fox reports this sunday, july 3rd, 2011, i'm gregg jarrett in for harris falkner. thank you for watching. live coverage of the casey anthony murder trial continues up next. justice with judge janine followed by a special twoour edition of geraldo at large and the t

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